Johnny Rainbow (johnny_rainbow) wrote in sf_for_serious,
Johnny Rainbow

Playland 3.0 Tournament in Hagerstown!

All the info you can find is on the flyer, and on for details and rules.

Anybody free on 20 November(....kekekekek) to go to this tourn?
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Bawls as a sponsor??! What the hell, doesn't anybody know how much it hurts to play after drinking it?
we should have redbull as a sponsor too (they sponsored last years tourney) but I don't have final word yet! ~ddrmom~
You kids should go, it would be a good time for all...and Kevin could win the IIDx tournament
what IIDX tournament? where? not that i'd have a chance, you'd be surprised how many people could beat me down... badly.
Justin and I are setting up a IIDX tournament to run at the same time as the DDR tournament (we'll avoid overlapping matches). Right now we have Desktop Arcade bringing their setup, but I'm trying to get justint o bring his ASC's for the actual comp, since I know very few people will want to play on the 2P side. There'll be a post on Bemanistyle, DDRfreak and Agilabz when we're sure what the setup's going to be.

but you guys should come anyways!
Maybe I'll go to this one. Dunno though....
No no no no... I think you got the address all wrong, it's in Williamsburg not Hagerstown... kekekeke (inside joke).
hahaha, good times..