StarCreator (starcreator) wrote in sf_for_serious,

The meetup

Hey, the meetup is going down tomorrows~

Wanted to know how/when everyone was getting there. I'll be driving there directly after work, to hopefully be there by 8pm =/

EDIT: NEVERMIND. Just got a call from work, they changed my closing shift into an opening shift for me. I'll be at work at 6:45am, but I'll have more time to do stuff later. :3 (I can get out anytime after 1pm now.)
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I need a ride :(
Chris we were thinking about how to get you.. and I think is the best way, is to help us out by hopping on the metro, and someone, or myself will pick you up from say... Vienna or something and it would be much much easier. Let me know ASAP
Vienna's pretty close to me... so sup.
I need a lift too. Think I can bum a ride with you guys?
So...umm...I get off work at 4 tomorrow.

If it's too inconvenient, then I'll just skip this party.