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Public Service Announcement

Tomorrow morning I will depart in the morning to pick up something for the gathering later that day (food related). Hopefully by noon, I'll have a better estimate by morning. I plan to proceed to the new Pak residence right afterwards. So far here is what I know:

-I'll be driving.. so far the only passenger is brice, leaving 3 seats, I don't know how much stuff i'm gonna have with me so good luck if you intend to ride with me so be prepared to maybe have to hold somthing for about half an hour. Those who want to be picked up on the way there, LET ME KNOW TONIGHT OR TOMORROW MORNING at the latest. I'll have you wait at the Vienna metro station, I'll pick up from there and we go. I'm not gonna stick around the area for too long before the holiday traffic gets stupid.

-I intend to stay until Sunday, hope you have a ride back! ^_____________^

More will be posted if I think of anything, please please please let me know asap folks. thanks in advance.
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Are you able to pick me and Chris up, maybe?
I'm pretty sure we could be at Vienna Station easily...

Well, what time though?
Got room for one more? I can be at Vienna whatever time you need me to be there, so that won't be an issue, and I can definitely hold something on my lap.
Welp, as of now i'm planning to get back to my house to meet brice at about 12:30, so currently the time to be at Vienna is 1PM. If this changes i'll let you all know.
all right, 1 PM is good.