StarCreator (starcreator) wrote in sf_for_serious,

Woo, plannage.

It's 2am. I have to be up in four hours to get to work in time (because I absolutely can't be late for this shift), so this will be short.

I get off at 1pm, if all goes well. I'll be driving to the Vienna Metro station to pick up Chris, who -should- be waiting for me by the time I get there. (Chris might even get there early enough to get a ride from Kevin instead, in which case I'll just head over alone.) We'll head straight to Bristow from there.

Kevin's plan is as laid out in his post. Alison might or might not get in with Kevin in time; if not, I can probably pick her up instead. Billy seems to be all set, too. Christina seems to be absent from all plans. =/

Not sure who is or isn't spending the night. I'm bringing enough stuff to last me two days, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to be spending the night or not.

I'm leaning towards taking my PC with me. :3 So, I don't think I'll be able to check for updates in the morning, because in that case I have to pack up my PC right now.
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